12 Days of Christmas 2018, Day 14!!

Well, now, where does the time go, I ask myself...
Today is Thursday the 3rd of January 2019 and as such it is the 14th day of me trying to write in this blog during my Christmas Holidays.
There has not been much writing, has there?
No sirree, there has not.
Here is my Christmas in a nutshell :
Swedish Julbord dinner on Christmas Eve.
Traditional Irish Turkey and ham dinner Christmas Day.
Visitors came,  mostly my siblings, for a few days  before New Year.
Yummy Indian Takeaway at home on New Year's Eve, followed by my own tradition, ie, Spin In the New Year. I hosted a New Year's Eve Virtual Spin -In thread in both the UK Spinners and Irish Spinners groups on Ravelry. It is a great feeling to spin at home and share photos and chat with other spinners across Ireland and UK.
Now I am taking part in a new thread on Ravelry: Spin 10 minutes a day. Little odd bits of unfinished spinning projects are duly being completed chez moi.
And DD#2 has managed to find a house to rent in Galway for her work placement starting next week and get a car loan approved, with some help from me. Tomorrow we go to view a car, fingers crossed.
Next Monday, it is back to work for me, back to school for my younger kids. Husband went back to work yesterday. All back to normal.
For now, I am going to spin some more and then get a good night's sleep.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.
I hope you all enjoy these last few days before work and school start again properly next week.

PS: Last July I published a post with photos of old Irish spinning wheel types in it. Sadly, I have since deleted the post, without realising that I had a comment pending on the post. Apologies about that, especially to the commenter, I will try to address the topic again at a later date, and contact the commenter directly to answer the comment.
In the meantime, here is a link to an interesting website where one can read Folklore as taken down by children in the 1930's in Ireland from their families and neighbours. Dúchas Irish Folkore Collection
If your interest is in spinning or weaving you can search for excerpts about spinning and weaving etc, and you can also search the Photographs section for photos of spinning wheels and weaving.
Very interesting.
An old unmarked Louet S10 wheel from Holland.
Purchased from a seller on marktplaats.nl.
Gotta stop doing this....